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Concrete Testing


  • On-site Observation & Testing for Air Content,

  • Slump, Unit Weight, Temperature and Sample Casting

  • Batch Plants - Asphalt and Concrete Inspection Testing

  • Reinforcing Steel Inspections

  • Earthwork Testing

  • Masonry Testing

  • Floor Flatness

  • Special laboratory Testing



Bituminous Paving Mixtures


  • Batch Plant Inspection and Testing

  • Field Lay-down Observation

  • In Place Nuclear Density Measurements



Structural Steel Inspections


  • Welding Inspection by Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant and Visual Procedures

  • Fabrication a Shop

  • Welder Certification Testing

  • Bolt Tension Verification

  • NDT Technicians

  • Paint Thinckness






  • Observations for Stripping, Clearing and Proof Rolling Work

  • In-Place Nuclear Tests

  • Observation and Testing During Caisson and Pile Installation

  • Testing, Observation and Verification for Exposed Bearing Soils





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